5 Steps how to Select your Contact Lenses

To begin to wear contact lenses, it is necessary to address to salon of optics, convenient for you, to the ophthalmologist for selection of contact lenses. In most cases before selection of lenses it is necessary to undergo inspection of eyes.

Inspection of eyes

It includes a series of tests for definition of the state of health of eyes and vision. The ophthalmologist will investigate both eyes together and/or in turn on several various aspects: general condition of vision, peripheric vision, depth perception, work of eye muscles, intraocular pressure etc. By results of inspection the ophthalmologist will prescribe a way of correction of vision. After that it is possible to start selection of contact lenses.

Selection of contact lenses

Eyes can have the different size and the form therefore the exact selection of lenses guaranteeing their correct landing on an eye is necessary. For this purpose the ophthalmologist takes special measurements of an eyeglobe and its surface, taps the curvature and other factors influencing a lens adhering.

When determining optimum type of contact lenses also xerophthalmus degree is very important. The ophthalmologist can advise lenses to avoid the increased dryness.

In conclusion, to be convinced of lack of the factors capable to complicate wearing of contact lenses, carefully investigate a cornea.

Then put on trial lenses that the ophthalmologist looked as far as they suit you eyes. Lenses need time for “landing” therefore from the moment of installation of lenses there can pass 10 — 15 minutes then the ophthalmologist will check their situation in the eyes. To find suitable lenses, perhaps, it is necessary to try on not one couple of lenses. When the ophthalmologist considers that lenses correctly adjoin, are convenient and provide good vision, you will be taught to put on them and to take out.

Training in the address with contact lenses

To learn to put on and take out lenses very easily. Only the patience and practice are necessary. At most of people it turns out at once, lenses become your natural and integral part after several fittings.
The ophthalmologist will teach you to handle lenses and to look after them. You also receive written instructions, and in case of any questions can call the ophthalmologist.

Acquisition of lenses

Usually the ophthalmologist has contact lenses which you can take away with yourself on the same day. If lenses need to be ordered, then you receive them within several days.

The subsequent visit to the doctor

After completion of the procedure of selection of lenses it is necessary to visit the ophthalmologist at least once a year that it checked the correct landing of lenses, and also the fact that you well see and comfortably you feel.